About Gareth Streeter

Like most Plymouthians my age, I was born at Freedom Fields hospital.  I grew up in the City and went to a comprehensive school in Crownhill.

Today, I am a history writer, penning books about late-medieval/early-Tudor England.  My first book was published in 2023 and I am already working away at the follow up.  I also work as a self-employed communications consultant for a range of global businesses.

For many years, I served as a youth worker and a community volunteer.  I worked with people from a range of backgrounds who were battling with a variety of circumstances, that first inspired me to run for Parliament.

For eight years, I worked for one of the UK’s biggest Academy trusts, which was responsible for turning around failing schools.  Here, I saw the difference that government policy can make.  With a fresh injection of leadership, and by expecting the best form each young person we witnessed students from disadvantaged backgrounds achieving the same results as other learners.  I am proud that after more than a decade of a Conservative government, standards in Plymouth’s schools are much higher than they were when I was a teenager.

As a type 1 diabetic and a permanent outpatient of Derriford Hospital, I know the importance of good healthcare.  We must improve access to GPs and make it easier for people to get appointments.  But from my time as a youth and community worker, I also believe that politicians have to turn their attention to deeper issues such as loneliness and isolation. When these are allowed to fester in secrecy, they turn into healthcare concerns and blight people’s lives.

Before moving back home to Plymouth, I was a Councillor in Croydon, South London.  While in opposition, it was devastating to see the Labour council bankrupt the borough, making huge and swift cuts to essential services inevitable.  Labour’s failures were a direct consequence of their decision to focus on high-profile and eye-grabbing initiatives while neglecting the basics.  This strengthened my resolve to be the kind of politician that gives due attention to the issues that really make a huge difference to people’s lives.  Even when those issues are less likely to hit the headlines.

Plymouth is my home.  I was born here, went to school here and spent years working for Plymouth’s businesses.  It would be the honour of a lifetime to represent Plymouth Sutton and Devonport in Parliament.