My Plan

I have an ambitious plan for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport. You can read about it here.

  • Protecting the dockyard

    Protecting Devonport Dockyard and committing to Trident – a future Labour government would be beholden to the Labour left, who are unsound on defence policy.  Any threat to our nuclear deterrent would be detrimental to our national security and Plymouth's defences.

  • Improving access to GPs and dentists

    Improve access to GPs and dentists – Conservatives are making important changes to the primary care system that will make it easier for people to see a healthcare professional.  We are cracking down on missed appointments and increasing capacity.  I would continue to support action to increase ac

  • Tackling loneliness

    Recent years have exposed the damage that loneliness can inflict on people from all walks of life.  Though it is often associated with the elderly, loneliness and isolation can impact people of all ages and circumstances. 

  • Improving train links

    Better connections between Plymouth and London – better connectivity helps local businesses grow and brings new opportunities to our City.  I will campaign for a faster service between Plymouth and London Paddington and work with local MPs to ensure the track is resilient to damage.

  • Improving traffic flow

    Call for better traffic management – ensuring that the right speed limits are in place across the City so that the flow of traffic is appropriate for residents, businesses and motorists.

  • Enhancing the marine economy

    Protect and enhance our marine economy – from research and engineering to hospitality and commerce, our marine sector is emerging as Plymouth’s economic powerhouse.  I will fight to ensure it continues to thrive and protect the ecology of Plymouth Sound.