Tackling loneliness

Recent years have exposed the damage that loneliness can inflict on people from all walks of life.  Though it is often associated with the elderly, loneliness and isolation can impact people of all ages and circumstances. 

Research shows that some 47% of adults in England experience loneliness “occasionally or more often”.  A report by the New Economics Foundation estimated that loneliness costs UK employers up to £3.7 billion each year.  Lonely people are also more likely to visit their GP and studies have established a link between loneliness and higher risks of dementia and early death.

Gareth Streeter has launched a new campaign to help Plymouthians stay better connected. 

By reaching out to voluntary and community groups across the City, Gareth will seek to compile and publish a directory of all groups, services and activities that help bring people together and eradicate isolation.  This could include everything from professional council services and support groups to informal book clubs and litter picks.

The Plymouth Against Loneliness (or ‘Pal’) campaign will initially consist of:

  1. A facebook group – where people and groups can share information about activities across Plymouth that bring people together
  2. An “anti-loneliness audit” – a call for everyone to come forward with details about any groups, activities or services that help tackle the issue
  3. A community directory – Gareth will compile all details of anti-loneliness activities and publish them on his website.  This can then be shared widely

Join the facebook group

Get in touch with Gareth about the campaign